Digital rights and wrongs

Everything from communications to currency to photography is now more digital than analog, so why not our rights, too?

6 Jan 2022 min read

How does your location affect your online privacy?

Each country and region has its own notion of online privacy and approach to structuring a privacy policy

5 Jan 2022 min read

New ways to phish found by academic researchers

Here's what you can do about them to keep using MFA to protect your own logins

5 Jan 2022 min read

Is your phone actually secure?

Our phones are an extension of our brains these days. Don’t let just anyone in there.

30 Dec 2021 min read

Countering disinformation requires a more coordinated approach

Taking a close look at the way disinformation is spread across digital networks and proposing a series of policy actions to slow its spread

28 Dec 2021 min read

Catching malware red-handed: Behavioral threat fingerprinting

With this approach, we've introduced an additional layer of threat analysis explainability, which helps increase the protection that we provide to our users

23 Dec 2021 min read

Meet the features: Windows Firewall

By default, the firewall performs a series of checks to determine if a network is public or private

22 Dec 2021 min read

5 tips for staying safe online

It’s up to each of us to become more cyber aware so we can protect ourselves online

21 Dec 2021 min read

Censorship and Sybil attacks threaten Tor

Plus, a Swiss biologist who doesn’t exist and a new bug that’s already in your phone

17 Dec 2021 min read

Working from home and crypto hype to be exploited in 2022

Audio deepfakes, optimized ransomware campaigns, and crypto malware are on the horizon in 2022

14 Dec 2021 min read

Beware of a New Amazon Token Crypto Scam

Everything you need to know about a new online scam selling fake Amazon Tokens and stealing cryptocurrency.

14 Dec 2021 min read

What is Log4j and Do You Need to Worry About it?

A new vulnerability called Log4j has security teams scrambling worldwide. Here's what you need to do - and what you don't need to do - about it.

13 Dec 2021 min read

The time I almost got scammed from my college email

A reminder to read your emails with a critical eye

13 Dec 2021 min read